Our People

Our People


Lan Anh Nguyen (Founder and CEO)


Lan Anh Nguyen is the Founder and CEO of EIY Public Speaking center. After committing herself to improve Public Speaking for more than 9 years, she was inspired by the benefits of Public Speaking skills to her career, personal life, and self-development. As a result, she and her colleagues determined to build up EIY Public Speaking training center for Vietnamese young people. In 2019, she is honorably selective Tedx Tan Dinh speaker. In 2018, she was awarded 100% scholarship for Graduate Certificate in Business Start-up program at RMIT University Vietnam. In 2017, she represented Vietnam to join “Toastmasters District Evaluation Contest 2017” and won one of the top 3 with the participation of 5 countries. In 2015, she won the Public Speaking champion prize for Toastmasters Division International Speech Contest. Lan Anh has more than 5 years experience of teaching/ coaching English Business, Public Speaking and English Communication for students and corporate employees such as American center, Novartis, USB Boral, Zuellig Pharma, Guardian Vietnam, RMIT Personal Edge, University of Economics and Laws…


Matt Sherwood (EIY – Public Speaking Instructor)


Matt is a captivating and dynamic coach who has studied the art of public speaking since the age of 15 and helped hundreds of people become exceptional communicators. In 2018, he was honorably selective Tedx UAH speaker. He has hosted training workshops across 4 continents and worked with both adults and teenagers. In Los Angeles, Matt founded a workshop series called ‘Communication Community’ and also founded ‘THE Public Speaking Course’ weekend workshop. He is current Public Speaking Instructor at EIY Public Speaking. Whether you have a fear of public speaking, need to practice your presentation skills, or are an executive who needs pointers to deliver the perfect pitch, Matt can help you find your voice! “My main goal in life is to bring out the best in everyone I meet.” – Matt



Que Anh (EIY – IELTS/ English for Specific Purpose Instructor)


If someone asks Que Anh “What are your hobbies?” She will definitely says “ I love teaching”. Teaching is not only her passion but also the activity she would like to spend her time doing. She has been teaching for 3 years now. This strong desire comes from the feeling when she can see her students’ improvement during their learning process. She observes all when they enter the class, they learn, they enjoy, they feel exhausted, and they grow. Knowing that learning a language is a challenging journey, she always puts a lot of effort to make her classes full of enjoyment, interactive activities and exciting experiences.





Yoko (EIY – Personal Coach)


Language itself is a tool of communication, which helps to spread countless ideas and connects billions of people around the world. Words are powerful. A speech can make someone love you. A speech, however, can also break a heart. It is not simply about knowing what to say but more about HOW to say it. Especially, in the Era of Information Technology, accessing big data is no longer an unsolved problem. Great minds think alike, whoever raises their voice with powerful language will approach better opportunities. Having been in similar situations, I truly understand the feelings of losing great chances by not expressing ideas in a proper way. Public Speaking and English led me to a brand new world where I was able to meet, learn and connect to great people and organizations.

Here in EIY, I aim to help anyone in need of speaking up confidently.

Chris Le (EIY – English for Specific Purpose Instructor)


One of the dedicated instructors at EIY you might have met you once in your life is Chirs Le. Chris is often called Tri in Vietnamese. He was first Runner-up, Wilmar CLV Awards 2015 – National Finale and won first place at UEH Local Final Round. He competed with 1,000 students from 3 accredited universities in Vietnam and proved competences through IQ test, English, interviews, debate, and presentation. Join his class to know more about him!





Tu Ho (EIY – English for Specific Purpose Instructor)


Cam Tu Ho is a passionate and dedicated English Coach/ Instructor for almost 4 years. She has experience in designing and teaching English courses for young adults and teenagers where students improve their language skills and soft skills through various real-life projects. In 2017, she successfully built and launched PET and IELTS courses for young adults and teenagers, applying innovative studying method from Finland “Project-Based Learning”. She is also a Business English Instructor for learners from corporate classes. She is passionate about building a studying environment where learners not only improve their language skills but also have a good time applying them into realistic situations.




Tin Tin (EIY – English for Specific Purpose Instructor)


Objective: to acquire a Business teaching position where I can implement interactive, tailored and stimulating lesson plans and programs for students from diverse backgrounds. He got TESOL Certificate Global Leadership College, USA, 2013 and acquired Master of Business Administration University of Maryland University College, USA, 2010, maintained overall 4.0/4.0 GPA. He also achieved Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology; English Minor, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, USA, 2004.





Hieu Vo (EIY – Public Speaking Instructor)


Being a public speakers for 15 years with regular customers. Being an MC for 10 years with regular customers. Closed the deal for $180,000 of service charge from Toshiba for Havas Media. Led teambuilding activities for 3,000 employees of Vien Thong A. Organized a teambuilding and company trip for 250 people to Thailand. Promoted to Academic Manager for Special English Center after one and a haft year of teaching. Worked 4 years for the English Speaking Club at the Youth Culture House; hosted my own club while teaching English. Hosted and translate in press conferences for Demi Lovato, Red Foo, Vicent Kompany. Hosted 12 sections of VAS Talk 2018 for more than 1000 students in secondary and high school.

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