The Story of Founder

The Story of Founder

Welcome to EIY Public Speaking Centre!


After spending years on working in business environment, acquiring number of Public Speaking prizes nationally and internationally and playing leading roles in one of the biggest Public Speaking organizations in the world – Toastmasters, we came to realization that Vietnamese people, especially young people have a lot on their minds to say, to contribute and even shine when it comes to express themselves and their ideas in English settings. The settings can be working in team discussion, presenting information, pitching ideas, delivering public speeches and also daily casual conversations. However, they sometimes cannot effectively convey their messages; they don’t know how to engage listeners into the conversation appealingly; they wonder how to respond to the questions quickly to their managers, clients, colleagues… Those issues really inspired us to do something.

We started EIY Public Speaking Centre with a burning desire to empower confidence in Vietnamese young generations to communicate confidently in different workplace contexts. We hope with our dedications, interactive learning methods and a strong passion for passing the knowledge will help us achieve our only an ambitious goal.

We welcome your ideas and feedback to make us better, stronger and bigger as a center, which will all benefit our learners. At EIY, coming together, there is no right or wrong and weak or strong student.

We all share the purpose of learning and getting better every day!

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