Advanced EIY Toastmasters club

Advanced EIY Toastmasters club



Advanced EIY Toastmasters club is advanced EIY Toastmasters club to empower members to develop Public Speaking to advanced level. If you have practiced Public Speaking for more than one year and seek for challenging, professional and committed environment to upgrade your skills to advanced level, join “Advanced EIY Toastmasters club”.

🎤 At Advanced EIY Toastmasters club, we offer you a platform to: Acquire advanced Public Speaking, Presentation & Workplace Communication skills. Through training sections and a wide range of practicing activities in regard to different purposes such as speaking to tell story, impromptu speaking, speak to persuade, speak to entertain,…

🎤 Practice their Public Speaking, Presentation & Workplace Communication skills. Through plenty of speeches with feedback from a Round-table evaluation & senior Evaluators, members would gain self-confidence and upgrade their Public Speaking skills to advanced level.

🎤 In addition, they also have chances to understand their Public Speaking & Communication strengths and weaknesses by having evaluation from senior Public Speaker for every performance. Speak-on-your-feet practice is highly applicable to help you respond to the questions quickly.



🎤To upgrade Public Speaking, Communication skills of members to advanced level by advanced speeches. 

🎤To incubate more senior Evaluators for Toastmasters community in Vietnam. 

🎤To network with other corporate learners.

🎤To boost confidence in Public Speaking & gain competitive advantage in the workplace by advanced Public Speaking skills training.


🎤The first advanced Toastmasters club in Vietnam.

🎤Immediate Table-topics session: There is no time for speech preparation even single second

🎤Round-table Evaluation: Quality & immediate feedback is given by senior evaluators and members right after speech delivery.

🎤Members learning project – Advanced manuals: Advanced Manual projects can be professional speakers, storytelling, informative speaking, entertaining, technical presentation…choosing the right one for you.

🎤Specialization in Workplace Communications & Public Speaking skills: EIY instructors and evaluators with more than 20-year experience working in one of the biggest Public Speaking & Communication organizations in the world – Toastmasters.


🎤Professionals from 22-35 years of age. Have been practicing Public Speaking/ Presentation for at least 1 year OR have been Toastmasters members for at least 1 year & completed level 1 pathway or project 5 in competent communicator.

🎤Have studied either The Art of Public Speaking, Speak Confidently, EIY Public Speaking club, Communication skills in the 21st century workplace courses at EIY Public Speaking.

🎤English ability: efficient to communicate basically. (IELTS at least 6.0)

🎤Life-value: growing, committed, respectful, dare for challenge, supportive.




🎤Membership fee: 2,500,000 VND/ member/ 6 months, weekly Sunday, 10:30-12:30

🎤Detailed club info: here 

🎤Membership registration here 

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