Are we too exaggerating the fear of Public Speaking?

Are we too exaggerating the fear of Public Speaking?


– The idea of people being afraid of Public Speaking more than death is ridiculous. When you put a gun into someone’s head and say to them that they have 2 choices, 1st choice is to speak and 2nd choice is to die. Will you rather die than speak? With the perspective of Public Speaking is more fearful than death while death has already terrified people, we destroy the abilities of speaking in the 1st place.

– Why are people afraid of Public Speaking? Deep down behind Public Speaking is the fear of rejection, criticism or the needs of approval. However, those fears also exist in other aspects of our lives and Public Speaking is a form of revealing those fears clearly.

– In childhood, whenever we want to say something, our parents, relatives, friends tend to continuously say that no one ever wants to hear from you. We unconsciously believe in those words and never dare to speak up again no matter we know the answer or we have great ideas to share.

Understanding your fear, being aware of it and accepting it are the first steps of transforming you to higher level of Public Speaking.

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