Level 1-2-3: English for specific purpose

Level 1-2-3: English for specific purpose

If you are looking for an English Business course in which equips your English language in the industry you are working in or are going to work in soon, our Tailored English Business is one of the credible options to choose. With the wise experience of tailoring English Business courses for Guardian Vietnam (Retailing), USB Boral (Manufacturing), Novartis Vietnam (Top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world), Giant (Supermarket),…We believe that each learner has different learning needs and styles so tailoring is our solution to deliver values to learners.


👉What is different?

⛄ Personal coach for one-on-one class.

⛄ Vocabulary, language pattern, and topics (speaking situations) are tailored specifically for your personal requirements and industry that you are working in.

⛄ Presentation skill is highly applied and practiced in upper levels.

⛄ We don’t teach English to learners but we instruct students and office learners how to SPEAK English confidently and effectively by combining the English Learning Topics and English Communication techniques.

👉What will you get?

⛄ Increase your confidence in daily life English Business conversations.

⛄ Apply English in working settings ranging from meeting customers, emailing, presenting with bosses, talking with colleagues…

⛄ Build your English communication foundation competence before upgrading to IELTS and Public Speaking courses.

👉English Placement Test

English level: Beginner, Upper-beginner, Pre-Intermediate

(Entrance test will be required for all students)

👉Course schedule

The course schedule is based on arrangement between teachers and students. Contact us so we can arrange the most convenient class schedule for you.


The course fee can be varied to the extent of instructors’ seniority and experience as well as how challenging the industry is to tailor the course.

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