LEVEL 5 –  Communication skills in the 21st century workplace

LEVEL 5 – Communication skills in the 21st century workplace


To equip learners skills to communicate in different workplace situations such as conflict resolutions, giving & receiving feedback, meeting facilitation, persuasion, problem-solving discussion, communication styles adaptability, business presentation …


  • Professionals from 24-32 years of age
  • Working in multinational corporates & expect to communicate effectively & confidently in English
  • Aim to upgrade personal development continuously
  • Be able to communicate in English – IELTS at least 6.0
  • Believe communication is a critical skill for your career development








  • Communication styles: You will learn the basic personality types, how to adapt to other styles and improve your work relationship.
  • Organizing Your Message: Help you get to the point, how to describe what you are thinking, organizing your message in a clear, concise and appealing way!
  • Business Presentation: This class will teach you how to:  cater your message to the specific audience, organize your presentation content and materials, deliver your message effectively and prepare for potential questions that may arise.
  • Emotional Intelligence: This class will teach you the four basic components of emotional intelligence: Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness and Social Management.
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback:  This class will teach you how to ask for feedback, how to give feedback, how to listen to it and how to respond to the feedback.
  • Meeting Facilitation: This class will instruct you on the best practices for meeting facilitation, from the basics of selecting the proper meeting venue, to creating an organized and efficient agenda, to more advanced techniques like handling disagreements and coming to a consensus.
  • Design thinking method: This class will help you understand the process of design thinking and the benefits your organization can gain from implementing the process
  • Leading Problem Solving Discussions: This class will focus on the fundamentals of facilitating problem-solving discussions and related skills.
  • Persuasive Speaking: This class will teach you how to understand and balance emotion, logic and visualization.
  • Conflict Resolution: Instruct you on the formula for dealing with conflict and give you an opportunity to practice conflict resolution conversations.



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