Corporate Public Speaking Club

Corporate Public Speaking Club


Your corporate is looking for professional, high-value & practical environment to

⛄create English speaking culture in your organization for your colleagues to practice and upgrade their English abilities to Upper-Intermediate & Advanced levels

⛄receive training regarding Workplace Communication skills such as Public Speaking, Presentation, Impromptu Speaking, Small Talk…

⛄practice Workplace Communications skills weekly/ bi-monthly to form habits.

⛄boost confidence in Workplace Communication contexts & gain competitive advantage in their career.

-> Corporate Public Speaking Club is considerate choice to fulfill your above demands. EIY Public Speaking is outsourcing the club operation platform in corporate and assists you to operate it effectively to achieve your goals.



Professionals who 

⛄Are working in multinational corporation & start-up which require you to be capable of Public Speaking, Presentation, Communication skills.

⛄Are in need of professional, high-value & practical environment to point out your Public Speaking, Presentation, Communication strength, improvements & recommendation.

⛄Seek an English environment to upgrade your English to higher level.


⛄Workplace Communication skills training

⛄Workplace Communication skills practice

⛄Prepared speeches

⛄Personal Evaluation

⛄Language Master


⛄Fee: 800,000 – 1,000,000 mil/ month/ member

⛄Length: 6 months; twice a month

⛄Members size: 20-25 members/ club (Minimum of 20 and maximum of 25)

⛄Language: 100% English

⛄Venue: Corporate site 

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⛄Phone number: 093 4141 822 

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