English for Retail Industry

English for Retail Industry


Some of the biggest multinational retail enterprises entering emerging market as Vietnam are facing with the challenge of the in-store staff inability in English Business Communication. As the result, their business sales might drop as the staff are not able to communicate with foreign customers in English effectively.

Understand this challenge of your business, EIY is conducting Tailored English Business for Retail Industry.


Your unique needs are our priorities. Our Teachers and Trainers will communicate with your Learners and HR Team to understand their needs before designing the course.

We aim to:

🌴 Develop fluency, accuracy and communication in-store skills learners need to work confidently.

🌴 Focus on improving learners’ English proficiency in core skills such as listening, writing, and speaking with different situations daily happening in stores, for example, talking to suppliers, explain the products, dealing with customers’ complaints and so on.

🌴 Instruct Learners how to collaborate with their staff and work with their boss effectively in English.



1. Understand different context of English usage in retail store communication such as:

🌴 Store’s facilities: store layout, instruct ways for foreign customers to find products…

🌴 Money and number: collecting enough money and giving change; how to say number, currency…

🌴 Talking to customers: how to greet customers, offer help…

🌴 Consulting products: skin care, make-up, facial and hair, body care, health and supplement…

🌴 How to write email: apology, invitation and informing emails.

🌴 Working with boss: how to report store issues to boss, suggest ideas…

🌴 How to deal with customers’ complaint: problem-solving process…

🌴 Write sales report: how to write sales report in English.

🌴 Management and leadership: manage and lead your team effectively.

🌴 Retail selling techniques.

🌴 Different types of customers.

🌴 The future of retails.

🌴 and so on.

2. Be able to use vocabulary, language pattern, sentence structure for communicating with boss, international suppliers, international business partners, and foreign customers.

3. To be upgraded to not only communicate in English but also how to communicate effectively and confidently in English.

4. Form an English Public Speaking club in your organization to create your English practicing environment platform.



English Entrance test will be required for all students.



Please kindly contact us for customized information.

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