One-on-one – Solution for only you

One-on-one – Solution for only you


Public speaking is a fundamental communication skill that builds career and life success. We are not born with the skills of public speaking but learn them. Through the guidance of senior Public Speaking coaches from one of the biggest Public Speaking organizations in the world – Toastmasters, you will develop your self-confidence, focus on specific issues or prepare for a particular business presentation with One-on-one Public Speaking Coaching course.



⛄You are a busy executive and your time is valuable and limited.

⛄You have an urgent need to improve your presentation skills.

⛄You are a good presenter but want to refine your skills to be great.

⛄You deliver high value or high profile presentations.

⛄You want to improve the impact of your messages and better connect, engage and inspire audience.

⛄You have a career defining or dependent presentation to deliver.




⛄Fee: $70-200 USD/ Learner/ an hour

⛄Length: depending on Learner’s needs

⛄Language: 100% English

⛄Training content: depending on Learner’s needs and challenges

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⛄Phone number: 093 4141 822 

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