Kids Public Speaking Summer Program 2019

Kids Public Speaking Summer Program 2019


In school, kids are often called upon to “make a few comments or answer teachers’ questions”. Often, kids tasks with such speeches become flummoxed. They might not know what to talk about, or ramble without making a point, or simply be confusing to listen to.

This course gives learners basic Public Speaking techniques for preparing and delivering effective presentations when they come to some situations to be asked to answer the questions. Learners are then able to apply these techniques in their daily studying and competition situations.



🎤 The first Public Speaking training center in Vietnam incorporating Virtual Reality to help learners practice Public Speaking more often and overcome the anxiety on stage.

🎤Experienced instructors who have gained significant practices and observations from leadership positions in Toastmasters public speaking organization in Vietnam. They also won couple of national and international Public Speaking championship prizes. You can understand more about Toastmasters Vietnam in

🎤 100% training is in English. 

🎤 Small group interaction (7-10 learners/ class) with diligent support from instructor, coach assistant, classmates and yourself.

🎤 To study online & offline Public Speaking techniques. 90% offline classes are hands-on activities to create chances for learners to practice Public Speaking.

🎤 To refund 100% course fee if learners do not develop Public Speaking skills after the course.



🎤 Practice Public Speaking in different realistic speaking scenarios by Virtual Reality.

🎤 Capture listeners’ attention by Public Speaking techniques when speaking through body language and voice.

🎤 Prepare & Organize the content constructively to help listeners understand and remember what we say.

🎤 Equip Public Speaking self-practicing methods.

🎤 Recognize your speaking strengths and opportunities for improvement. Then heading to implement the feedback you receive from self-evaluation, credible coaches, classmates into your practicing.

🎤 Receive personal coaching for each learner.

🎤 Enhance listening & evaluation & critical thinking skills.

🎤 To recognize your Public Speaking styles such as humorous, storytelling, professional speakers, MC, journalist, inspirational, motivational and so on.



🎤 English level: Pre-Intermediate and above

🎤 Public speaking level: No requirement



Week: 3 months – 12 weeks – 2 classes/week

Class: 1.5 hours

Attendance: 5-7 students/class

Course fee: 9,500,000 VND/ course 

(If students register in group of 2, the tuition fee will be discounted 10%)

Course schedule:

The schedule can be flexibly changed due to students’ and teachers’ availability. Contact us for your group’s study schedule so we can arrange the most convenient class schedule for you.

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