What is Public Speaking?

What is Public Speaking?


💥What is Public Speaking according to you?

💥Is it an image of someone standing on stage and delivering speech? If you ask Wikipedia what Public Speaking is? Their answer is quite similar to above definition. Public speaking (also called oratory or oration) is the process or act of performing a speech to a live audience.

💥And have you ever wondered if Public Speaking means standing on stage and deliver speech, do we limit the popularity of this magical skill?

💥Actually, Public Speaking exists in any aspect of our lives, whether you lead a meeting, propose an idea to your manager, conduct sales pitching, interview someone, answer impromptu questions, have conversations in coffee shop with your friends, we all use body language, vocal variety, structure your thoughts clearly and engagingly, impress your listeners into what you’re saying…and do those things belong to Public Speaking?

💥And once you’re capable of this skill, the other skills are also boosted as well.

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