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​Empower you with self-confidence to achieve career success


Empower you with SELF-CONFIDENCE to achieve CAREER SUCCESS

  • Public Speaking

  • Communication

  • English for specific purpose


Welcome you to EIY's Confidence Fundamentals!

  • Public Speaking

  • Presentation

  • Communication

  • Leadership

  • Negotiation


Confidence is unique because it cannot be taught, but is gained in each fundamental.

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About EIY Speak Confidently


When it comes to establishing a business, no two stories are the same. For EIY Public Speaking & Professional Development, 'turning pain to purpose' summarizes the inspiration behind this young and passionate company which is helping people to conquer their fear of Public Speaking. "Why should one thing – 'communication fear' – hinder so many people from achieving what they deserve?"
This question has been troubling EIY Founders since they worked in multiple international corporations early in their careers. "They witnessed high-level managers and corporate professionals with multiple years of experience lacking in confidence to speak up and articulate their thoughts and ideas."
Inspired to help professionals acquire confidence and build the necessary skills to turn "public presentation from a workplace fear into a professional asset," they founded EIY Public Speaking & Professional Development. Almost six years after its establishment, EIY has remained true to the vision of creating a unique approach toward training people in public speaking and communication in a safe and judgment-free environment.
EIY's mission is to empower learners with self-confidence to achieve career success. We believe Public Speaking, Communication, and Leadership are key partners to accompany you to career success. Let’s unleash self-confidence in you!
Yours in lifelong learning,
EIY Founding Team


About EIY Persuasively

Speak Confidently & Persuasively

  • Learners’ growth is EIY’s commitment. Constantly grow yourself, classmates, learners and colleagues. The version of you tomorrow is always better than the version of you today.

  • Constructive feedback is an essential ingredient in the improvement process. There should be no hierarchy in the giving or receiving constructive feedback.


Here they are:

  • Step 1 – Self-awareness: being able to be aware of yourself is the first step to gain self-confidence.  When you’re aware of your strengths for example, you can be more strategic about nurturing them further. Same with your weaknesses. When you have a clear lead on what you aren’t, you can take steps to fill in gaps or improve.

  • Step 2 – Self-understanding: That means acknowledging your weaknesses and strengths.

  • Step 3 – Self-acceptance:  It means accepting the paths you’ve taken in the past that have led to where you are today. Best of all, accepting who you are helps you set realistic expectations, something that will build your confidence as you achieve goals over time.

  • Step 4 – Self-respect: That means seeing and believing in your own worthiness as a human being. And it can mean seeing your value in more specific ways too.

  • Step 5 – Self-validation: Where you regularly assure and endorse yourself without needing outside input but it is from day-to-day internal self-validation.


About EIY Methodology


Tailor training program based on learners’ schedule, needs, abilities…


What you have learned at EIY Public Speaking will be implemented in professional and personal speaking situations.

Training – Practicing – Receiving Feedback

Learners will learn Public Speaking & Communication techniques, then practice what they have learned and finally receive feedback from credible evaluators.

Hands-on experience

With the motto learning should not be boring, we use blended learning with activities and games to stimulate students, 80% of class time will be spent on practicing.


Vietnam Public Speaking Community empowered by EIY_edited.jpg


Vietnam Public Speaking Community is a place for those who are passionate about Public Speaking. Members can find out more useful information, competitions, playgrounds to improve their abilities.



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