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Public Speaking

Program 1 - Master Persuasive Presentation to win your clients


In a workplace, a career that’s increasingly connected and less hierarchical, developing your persuasion skills can be one of the most valuable investments you can make. Believe it or not, you have been persuaded every day by advertising, salesman, ideas…and you also persuade people most of the time, such as persuading investors to invest in your ideas, convincing your clients to buy in your solutions, or persuading your managers to accept your proposal…

Some people believe persuasion is about manipulation or getting your way, but it’s not about tricking anyone or being inauthentic. Instead, persuasion is about making sure your best ideas get a fair hearing.

In this training, EIY Public Speaking instructors help your colleagues sell their ideas to win over clients.


In this training, EIY Public Speaking instructors help you cultivate your persuasion skills to establish credibility, use logic, and arouse emotions in the listeners. We also deliver 18 persuasive techniques that you can apply in daily working environments. Here is the training outline:

⮞ Project confident Body Language

  • Posture

  • Gesture

  • Movement

  • Eye-contact

  • Facial expression

⮞ Develop Vocal Variety to create an impact on ideas

  • Articulation

  • Volume

  • Pitch

  • Pause

  • Rate

  • Vocal Variety

⮞ Discover the structure of persuasive presentation

⮞ Capture your listeners’ attention

⮞ Deliver a memorable call to action

⮞ Use storytelling to persuade

⮞ Explore three essential methods of persuasion

⮞ 18 techniques to convince others in the workplace

  • Social proof

  • Appeal to high-level goal

  • Reciprocation

  • Pain – gain

  • Build alliance

  • Compare and contrast

  • …and other must-have persuasive techniques

⮞ Handle Q&A session and technical mishaps

⮞ Use visual aids to communicate an impactful idea


  • Win your clients pitching

  • Convince your ideas with impact

  • Enhance your organization sales revenue

  • Empower confidence in speaking

  • Develop your critical thinking

  • Use body language and vocal variety effectively in pitching situations

  • Leave a confident impression

  • Create influence on your clients


  • Business analysts

  • Account executive and managers

  • Sales executive and managers

  • Project managers

  • Business Professionals

Contact EIY for tailored Master Persuasive Presentation to win your clients training program

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