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Public Speaking

Program 2 - Public Speaking & Presentation skills for Leaders


Throughout the corporate professional journey, we have valued those who stood up and spoke out on behalf of the ideals team members professed to have, although they seldom acted upon them. Some leaders can inspire their team members in crisis time to ship their companies through challenges. Some speak up about sensitive policies to protect the rights of their colleagues. Some embrace changes for a better transformation while there are so many attacks but still move thousands of people to action with their moral conviction and determination. 

Such people who stood and spoke became leaders primarily because they were able to clarify and validate the people's feelings, hopes, and ideals. They were able to unify and motivate the people to act. Leaders are, by nature, persuasive speakers. They use speech to organize people and urge them to higher levels of achievement than they could reach independently. 

You don’t have to be an outstanding leader in making changes. In this training, EIY Public Speaking instructors help to enhance your colleagues’ Leadership skills via Communication.


In this training, you will discover different speaking contexts as a leader to persuade, inspire, and motivate your team members to achieve goals. Here is the training outline:

  • Deliver bad news with tact and sensitivity

  • Lead a team discussion

  • Embrace changes in the organization

  • Speak on a panel discussion

  • Speak on social business occasions such as mastering a toast, presenting an award…

  • Project confident Body Language

  • Develop Vocal Variety to create an impact on ideas

  • Discover the structure of persuasive presentation

  • Capture your listeners’ attention

  • Deliver memorable call to action

  • Use storytelling to persuade

  • Explore 3 essential methods of persuasion


  • Become an inspirational leader

  • Enhance your leadership skills

  • Drive innovation and changes

  • Enhance connection between team members

  • Be prepared for common presentation contexts


  • Middle managers with at least five years of working experience

  • C-suite levels

Contact EIY for tailored Public Speaking & Presentation Skills for the Leaders training program

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