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EIY Model United Nations


a. What is MUN?

Model United Nations, also known as MUN or Model UN  is an academic simulation of the United Nation where each participant is assigned with a country to represent. The participant should play the role of a delegate and attempt to solve real-world issues with the policies and perspectives of their assigned country.

b. EIY MUN introduction

EIY MUN is a practical course that teaches the Model United Nations fundamental skills and global knowledge. The course is designed to give students the opportunities to gain exposure to issues around the world through a delegate position at MUN. In particular, students are trained and practiced skills associated with a diplomat such as debate, influence, public speaking, researching, formal writing,... before officially entering conferences. All lessons and documents are provided 100% in English, helping students improve their ability to communicate in daily life and also in a professional working environment.

c. Key competencies (11 lessons - 2 hours/lessons):

  • Introduction about MUN, rules of procedure

  • Research

  • Speech

  • Writing

  • Demo 

  • Mock MUN #1

  • Critical thinking

  • Negotiation

  • Collaboration

  • Demo

  • Mock MUN #2


  • Get to learn the fundamental MUN knowledge and strategies

  • Practice and develop a variety of crucial soft skill such as negotiation, persuasion, public speaking, research & formal writing, critical thinking, and collaboration

  •  Gain self - confident & self - awareness

  • Build your leadership and diplomatic skills

  • Gain a competitive advantage in the committee & academic activities

  • Build your network with other passionate & like-minded  learners


a. Public speaking:

  • Confidently deliver speeches in front of crowds

  • Prepare yourself for an impromptu speech situation: learn how to craft ideas and speak fluently on the spot

b. Writing:

  • Be able to write clearly and concisely, with a coherent flow and persuasive arguments

  • Prepare for academic writing: learn how to organize, summarize and cite source materials and avoid plagiarism

  • Learn and experience writing official documents, specifically the Draft Resolution

c. Research:

  • Learn to conduct objective, unbiased research, and filter biased, untrustworthy sources of information

  • Learn how to orient yourself during the research process and organize your research material

d. Critical thinking:

  • Organize and analyze information to serve writing and public speaking purposes

  • Perceive, analyze and challenge existing concepts and ideas in order to craft solutions for global issues

e. Negotiation and persuasion:

  • Organize arguments and persuade people in a diplomatic manner

  • Perceive and understand issues from many aspects and find a common ground

f. Collaboration and teamwork:

  • Organize, distribute and manage tasks effectively

  • Learn how to communicate with a team


  • Target age: students from 12 - 17 years old, who have no/ little experience  at Model United Nations

  • Minimum English level: Students who are able to communicate in English with at least at level B2 (around 5.0 IELTS, TOEIC 600)

  • Students who have an interest in learning about issues around the world.

Contact EIY Public Speaking & Professional Development for the upcoming courses’ schedules.

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