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Public Speaking

TED Edu Student Talks club


a. What is TED-Ed Student Talks club?

Welcome to the TED-Ed community! You are now part of a network of thousands of groups in schools and educational organizations around the world, all working to spark and celebrate the ideas. You will engage in a series of Explorations designed and present an amazing Student Talk on an idea that inspires you. Along the way, you will develop skills in:

  • Identifying the elements of a great idea

  • Researching, developing, and presenting an idea

  • Telling a compelling story

  • Giving and receiving feedback effectively

b. Club benefits:

  •  A program that supports students in discovering, developing, and sharing their ideas in the form of Ted-style talks.

  •  A space for students to explore, think critically about, and discuss ideas.

  •  A platform that helps students develop presentation literacy skills while connecting them to a global community.

  •  A space for students to explore what their passions are.

c. Members eligibilities:

  • Aging from 8 to 18 years old

  • Capable of using English. 

  • Passionate about Public Speaking.

  • Active in club activities. 

  • Have great ideas to contribute.

d. Club info:

  • Meeting schedule: twice a month, 2 hours/ a session 

  • Fee: It is free of charge 

  • Channel: online 

  • No of members: No more than 100 members 


  • Explore: What are your ideas?

  • Develop: Research and design your talks

  • Share: Rehearse and deliver your talk  

Contact EIY Public Speaking & Professional Development for more information.

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