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Public Speaking

The Art of Confident Speech


This course is for Youngsters who have passed the Basics of Public Speaking, which means you have already known the basics of speech – organization, and arrangement – but have not yet fully developed your presentation skills.

The course covers different types of speeches being made on various occasions and roles such as MC speech, expert speech, leader speech, director speech, instructional speech, caring speech…

Advanced Public Speaking Skills – This Speak Confidently course prepares youngsters to deliver different types of speech in various future work-related roles.


You have taken a Public Speaking course before at EIY Public Speaking & Professional Development or other centers.

You have practiced Public Speaking for at least three years.

You are committed to taking Public Speaking to the advanced level because it is a must-have for every future professional and leader.

You are about to use Presentation/ Public Speaking skills in an important contest.


Equip advanced Public Speaking & Communication skills such as storytelling, MC, persuasion, group discussion, informative speech, impromptu speech, leadership speech, expert speech, director speech …

Equip debate, confidence, project execution, leadership, collaboration, sales, teaching skills… by participating in outdoor projects & weekly classes.


  • Leader's Speech

  • Become a professional MC

  • Expert speech

  • CEO's Speech

  • A day as a teacher

  • Selling ideas to investors

  • Communication skills for leaders

Contact EIY Public Speaking & Professional Development for upcoming courses’ schedules.

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