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Public Speaking

The Art of Public Speaking


The ability to talk to persuade and inspire teams, customers, investors is one of the essential skills of a successful leader in the future. The art of leadership is not about how much you do, but how many people are inspired and persuaded by your ideas and walk with you on that journey.

Although many Leaders are aware of the importance of public speaking skills, despite taking many courses on this skill, they still feel shaky when giving presentations because they invest time in sharpening Public Speaking skills at an adult age.

The earlier you learn Public Speaking, the more confident your child will communicate, convince, and inspire future listeners. As a child, your kids will not be aware of the "embarrassed" concept to express their ideas naturally.

In the course "The Art of Public Speaking_Students", EIY is confident to be a pioneer and specialized training center for Public Speaking and Communication skills for multinational enterprises such as Vinschool, Wellspring, British International School, RMIT University Vietnam, Novartis, Guardian, Nike, PepsiCo, PwC ... in Vietnam. 


  • You are shy when communicating.

  • You are not confident to give your opinion when asked.

  • You don't have a strong argument to convince others yet.

  • You have many perspectives on life but still don't know how to express it confidently and in an organized manner.

  • You do not know how to use body language, tone of voice, or organization of speech to impact others.


  • Capture your audience's attention with body language and voice adjustments

  • Organize your presentation to make it easy for your audience to grasp the content.

  • Equip yourself with methods to practice speaking in front of a crowd.

  • Identify strengths in speaking skills and opportunities to improve speaking skills.

  • Make a presentation in front of 20-30 listeners and get comments from the judges.

  • Practice listening skills, giving and receiving feedback, critical thinking, audience interaction, visual aids, and troubleshooting problems during presentations.


  • Module 1: How to project confident body Language

  • Module 2: How to vary your voice 

  • Module 3: How to organize and prepare a presentation

  • Model 4: How to capture the audience’s attention and conclude with a message

  • Module 5: How to interact with the audience and troubleshoot problems during presentations

  • Module 6: How to use different visual aids

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