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Communication Foundation


Strong communication skills are a must for every professional. When you can communicate effectively, you display power and professionalism. You can deliver your thoughts and ideas clearly. You can build healthy relationships among your peers.

Nowadays, communication skills are harder to develop. Most young adults are used to digital conversations; thus, they tend to shy away from face-to-face interaction. So, it is now, more than ever, essential to polish these skills intentionally. On the other hand, having good digital communication skills is also a must. Responding to emails and picking up calls are everyday tasks for the professional millennial. If you want to boost your career, you will have to train yourself to be good.

This Communication Skills for Corporate Professionals program helps you communicate better in various professional situations, including meetings, email messages, pitches, and presentations. EIY instructors introduce the four building blocks of communication - people, message, context, and listening - and show how they apply in different circumstances. Through the use of vignettes and applied tools, this training shows how to build this core competency and communicate in a way that effectively and professionally conveys your message.


  • Students and Professionals from 20-25 years of age

  • Aim to upgrade personal development continuously

  • Be able to communicate in English – IELTS at least 5.5

  • Aiming or working in multinational corporate & expect to communicate effectively & confidently in English

  • Believe communication is critical for your career development

  • Prepare for communicating effectively with your managers, colleagues, and clients.


⮞ To equip basic Communication skills used in different workplace contexts that young professionals need to encounter:

  • Communication for everyday workplace situations
    + When you socialize in professional settings
    + When you run a meeting
    + When you send a professional business email
    + When you ask for help

  • Communication for challenging situations
    + When you persuade your colleagues
    + When you solve conflicts with your colleagues
    + When you are caught off guard
    + When you are criticized

⮞ To discover four communication building blocks

  • People

  • Context

  • Listening

  • Message

⮞ To practice Communication Foundation skills used in the workplace


  • Day 1: 4 Communication building blocks 

  • Day 2: Giving & Receiving feedback & Effective listening 

  • Day 3: Communicating in professional settings 

  • Day 4: Communicate to drive people to take actions such as pitching ideas to CEO, managers, presenting up

  • Day 5: Manage difficult conversations

  • Day 6: Business Email Writing

  • Day 7: Review 

  • Day 8: Final Learners Progress

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