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Strategic Negotiation


When it comes to negotiation, shifting your mindset from "a battle to be won" to "a problem-solving conversation" can improve your results dramatically. Learn negotiation skills to help you get what you want while also building better relationships with coworkers, bosses, business partners, and suppliers. 

Course objectives:

  • Identify the different types of negotiation.

  • Distinguish the difference between asking and negotiation.

  • List core negotiation practices.

  • Explain anchoring and framing for mutual benefit.

  • Describe tactical empathy.

  • Explain the principles of influence.

  • Create an influence plan.

  • Analyze conflict styles.

  • Recognize contentious negotiation tactics.


This strategic negotiation course is helpful for:

  • Entrepreneurs who wish to negotiate for higher fees and scope

  • Business development

  • Sales

  • Consulting

  • Strategic marketing

  • Dispute resolution and consensus building

  • Finance

  • Managing strategic alliances and partnerships

  • Purchasing and procurement.


This program is designed to be fun and hands-on, with lots of case studies, practical examples, and on-the-spot coaching.

Google Eugene Seah, and you will see that he has gained a reputation as an inspirational, insightful, and humourous trainer and coach, frequently featured on media (TV, radio, and newspapers) for his views on negotiation and success.

Throughout Eugene Seah’s career and business journey, his income has been rising consistently and significantly. In 2008, his salary doubled, and in 2011, it doubled again.

From 2014 to 2021, when he was running his own coaching business, he has been consistently negotiating for higher fees, and even during Covid-19, his profits doubled despite lockdowns and travel restrictions.

Eugene Seah is one of the most popular and engaging negotiations and communication coaches in Asia. Just google his name and you see tons of testimonials about his humor and inspirational rags-to-riches success. He has been featured many times on TV, radio, and newspapers, and is voted the world’s top 3 business coach in 2021. He has been invited to many countries to speak and coach, including Sydney, Shanghai, Moscow, Florida, Dubai, and even Pyongyang. He has a unique way of conducting training and coaching, combining skills from ICF, NLP, Emergenetics, and DISC. Don’t believe these words, just sign up for his session and prepare to be WOWed!


  • Module 1: Mental tuning in 

  • Module 2: The Negotiation Game

  • Module 3: Case Study Creation and Discussion

  • Module 4: NLP Principle-based negotiation

  • Module 5: BATNA, WATNA, and ZOPA

  • Module 6: 3V of influence

  • Module 7: Wrap up

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