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Public Speaking

The Art of Confident Speech


This advanced Public Speaking – Speak Confidently course will enhance your impromptu speaking, storytelling, inspiration, persuasion, pitching, panel discussion, social speeches such as MC, presenting and receiving an award, mastering the toast, informative speeches,…

These skills are essential for corporate professionals when coming to interact with clients, managers, stakeholders, and business partners…


  • You have studied a beginning Public Speaking course before at EIY or another center.

  • You have practiced Public Speaking skills for at least three years of experience.

  • Your job requires you to persuade others to buy in your ideas and to speak in various public speaking situations

  • You aim to facilitate a session, use business storytelling to convey your message.

  • You often speak at social events.

  • You are committed to upgrading Public Speaking to an advanced level as this skill is a must-have skill for every professional.


  • Opens up new opportunities for career advancement to middle managers and C-suite level.

  • Establish greater credibility and help your client’s loyalty.

  • Prepare for your spontaneous speaking challenges.

  • Upgrade your Public Speaking skills to an advanced level.

  • Persuade clients, colleagues, managers, stakeholders to buy in your ideas.

  • Help you enhance your leadership and training skills.

  • Confidently speak on social occasions such as MC, mastering a toast, presenting and accepting an award, panel discussion.


  • Day 1: Speak without preparation

  • Day 2: Speak to tell stories

  • Day 3: Speak to persuade

  • Day 4: Speak to pitch 

  • Day 5: Speak on social occasions

  • Day 6: Speak on a panel discussion

  • Day 7: Personal Coaching

  • Day 8: Final performance

Contact EIY Public Speaking & Professional Development for the upcoming courses’ schedules.

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