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Public Speaking

The Art of Impactful Delivery


As professionals, do you know how to present your ideas persuasively and impactfully to your clients, middle managers, peers, stakeholders so they can understand and buy in your ideas?

The level 1 of EIY Public Speaking learning path provides you with the foundation of presentation delivery. Its objective is to empower you with self-confidence to express your ideas. It includes two main factors of an impactful presentation such as body language and vocal variety


  • You are not confident when communicating with others…

  • You are nervous when presenting to clients, colleagues, managers…

  • You have not studied any Public Speaking and Presentation courses before.

  • You don’t know how to prepare for a presentation to help the audience understand your ideas.

  • You are not familiar with capturing listeners’ attention and concluding with memorable messages.

  • You have many chances to interact with the audience but don’t know how to answer their questions smartly.


  • Provide organizing structure to articulate your ideas clearly.

  • Overcome your fear and insecurities by understanding your in-depth fear.

  • Project your Confidence via Body Language Empowerment.

  • Utilize your voice to create attention from the audience.

  • Capture the audience’s attention via different introduction techniques and conclude with memorable messages.

  • Handle technical mishaps and Q&A sessions smartly.

  • Use visual aids to convey your message.


  • Day 1: Giving & Receiving Feedback

  • Day 2: Body Language

  • Day 3: Vocal Variety

  • Day 4: Vocal Variety

  • Day 5: Pronunciation

  • Day 6: Pronunciation

  • Day 7: Using Rhetorical Devices & Selecting The Right Words

  • Day 8: Final Test

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