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  • With over 15 years of experience as a Mentor trainer, Thijs van Loon (1976) has been providing professionals in over 60 countries with the newest skills in Sales, Communication, Team Management, and Train the Trainer courses, as well as executive coaching sessions.

  • Having worked at Apple and Google for most of his career, Thijs embodies the best practices used in these companies throughout his workshops and coaching. His focus is on making things practical, so trainees and coachees can immediately apply what is learned in their own working or personal environment. Everything he trains has been field-tested and has helped businesses thrive.

  • Next to a Mentor trainer, Thijs is also an NLP Master Practitioner and Coach.


  • Masters in Business Administration (MSc.) – Radboud University – The Netherlands, 2002

  • Google certified trainer – Google Europe, 2005

  • Google certified mentor trainer & coach – Google Europe, 2007

  • Google Train the trainer certification – Google Europe, 2008

  • Apple-certified Trainer – Apple Computers, 2011

  • Apple-certified mentor trainer – Apple Computers, 2014

  • Apple Trainer readiness Lead certification – Apple Computers, 2015

  • Apple Train the trainer certification – Apple Computers, 2015

  • NLP Practitioner – IEP Netherlands, 2012

  • NLP Master Practitioner – NTI-NLP Netherlands, 2014

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