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Are you really confident inside-out?

A speaker is projecting his voice impactfully that he knows exactly where to raise up and lower his voice in a sentence. He uses his eye-contact flawlessly as if there is only you and him in the room. His body language and voice undoubtedly deliver an image that he is super confident...Wow! Hang on. Is he really confident inside-out or the other way around?

After observing thousands of speakers and learners performance from all walks of life, I have wondered whether speakers are truly confident as the way they are projecting outside or they are only faking and are not really confident inside. Do we make use of Public Speaking techniques up to the point that the only goal is to impress our audience? If our goal is to utilize Public Speaking techniques to be confident, maybe we are heading to the wrong direction...

This thought has been struggling me so much that I have many questions in mind. Am I only instructing learners the impermanent confidence that doesn't last long while I have spent years of pursuing this mission of empowering confidence in learners via Public Speaking? Am I wrong in the method of confidence empowerment that I have chosen for almost 10 years? Is there any way to help learners be really confident inside-out and really expose that true confidence to the world through communication?

Confidence doesn't happen in one or two days. It is a long journey of self-awareness, self-discovery, self-understanding, self-acceptance and self-validation. Public Speaking definitely helps learners enhance Confidence and reveals their uniqueness, invaluable ideas and personality to the world. However, if we only rely on the techniques of Public Speaking to gain confidence, it may not be a solution.

Last month, after many challenges, magically I discovered the method of gaining Confidence inside-out and couldn't wait to share with our learners very very very soon...

Today marks a very important milestone of two new projects that have just arrived in our team's lives... Another new journey of self-discovery has just started...

Lan Anh Nguyen.





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