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Do we really recharge our energy or do we only WASTE it?

Tet holiday is just around the corner. What is your plan? Some people utilize this time to be with their families, to travel somewhere, to have a reunion with some special people you haven't met for a long time...The whole purpose of these activities is just to recharge the energy after a busy and tough Covid year. However, do these activities really help us to recharge our energy or even consume more energy so that we often come back from a long holiday with tiredness, exhaustion, and burnout...then we might even need another holiday...very soon...very soon.

I used to be caught up in that vicious circle. Whenever I felt tired, I tend to spend time with others, watch movies on Netflix, listen to music...Whenever I took my time off, I tend to put my phone on all the time, I still checked Facebook, I still talked to negative people, I was still busy with so many daily activities even I was on holiday. After I finished those activities, my day was gone. As a result, with the expectation of recharging energy, I allowed those activities to consume more and more energy in me. My purpose for the holiday wasn't fulfilled.

There are 5 elements to create energy in every one of us. They are earth, fire, air, water, and ether (thought medium). Whenever you spend time lying on soil or walking barefoot in the forest, it is how you gain energy from the earth. Whenever you spend time with the river or water or just basically bathing after work, it is how you gain energy from water. Whenever you emerge yourself in nature with no internet connection and breath in and out deeply with fresh air, you gain energy from the air. Whenever you cook or stand under the sun in the early morning or late day, you absorb energy from the sun. It is a proper relaxation that we tend to forget.

May this Tet holiday bring energy to you so that you can really recharge yourself, heal yourself from stress, love yourself. After all, you can come back with a new edition.

Let nature heal you. Lan Anh Nguyen

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