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EIY Founding Story

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

When it comes to establishing a business, no two stories are the same. For EIY Public Speaking & Professional Development, ‘turning pain to purpose’ summarizes the inspiration behind this young and passionate company which is helping people to conquer their fear of public speaking.

“Why should one thing – ‘communication fear’ – hinder so many people from achieving what they deserve?” This question has been troubling EIY Founders since early in their career when they worked in multiple international corporations.

“They witnessed high-level managers and corporate professionals with multiple years of experience lacking in the confidence to speak up and articulate their thoughts and ideas.”

Inspired to help professionals acquire confidence and build the necessary skills to turn “public presentation from a workplace fear into a professional asset”, they founded EIY Public Speaking & Professional Development.

Four years after its establishment, EIY has remained true to the vision of creating a unique approach toward training people in public speaking and communication in a safe and judgement-free environment. EIY is the first Public Speaking training center in Vietnam, which adopted an international Public Speaking club license from the biggest Public Speaking organization in the world – Toastmasters to help EIY learners practice Public Speaking via this international platform.

“Since its founding, EIY has delivered English-based Public Speaking & Communication training courses to more than 2500 learners from various backgrounds and different international corporations such as RMIT VN, KPMG, Starbucks, Novartis, Guardian, PepsiCo, PwC, Gamuda Land, Swiss Post Solutions and Bouygues…”

Starting in 2021, EIY will add 3 more product categories to its product portfolio, namely

  • EIY Human Resources and Finance,

  • EIY Professional Development and

  • EIY Kids Personal Development.

EIY’s new mission is to equip its learners with a career skill set so that they can prepare and advance their careers while EIY maintains a leading position in Public Speaking and Communication training.

“Passion and expertise – and humility – have proven to be the key traits which have led its founders and EIY on an exciting and profitable journey in just a four-year period.”

Yours in lifelong learning,

EIY Founding Team.

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